Today is R U OK? Day, a national reminder to talk to our friends and loved ones about mental health.

Having the confidence and character to ask your pals if they’re ok isn’t always so straightforward, and while it’s far from being the end of the conversation around mental health, it is an important place to start.

The good folk at R U OK? focus their campaign around four simple steps to starting that conversation.

Not just today, but every day, it’s important that we look out for each other. Ask and listen without judgement to those who may be struggling.

If you notice someone is acting differently, maybe they’re withdrawn or much quieter than usual, begin the conversation, listen to them and provide them with professional resources to reach help.

Encourage those struggling to seek professional support, and check in with them again after your initial conversation.

Find out more about R U OK? Day at ruok.org.au.

We have additional resources and worldwide contact lines available at dontfret.club/support


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