The importance of surrounding yourself with positive people

Surrounding ourselves with positive people seems easy enough, right? But it can be common for many of us to find ourselves feeling trapped by negative influences.

It can be daunting to step back from longterm friendships that may’ve taken a negative turn or perhaps having to remove yourself from a friendship circle that doesn’t feel healthy.

Above anything else it’s important to remember that it is okay to put yourself first, especially for the sake of your mental health.

Reduce stress

A quick Google will tell you that ‘surrounding yourself with positive energy will reduce stress’, but what does that mean in practise?

We’ve come to find that it can have a lot to do with the company you keep.

Healthy friendships

Are your friends supportive when you’re feeling down? Funny when you need cheering up? How about supportive and positive regardless? That’s the key to a healthy friendship, if you ask us. 

Focus on the friendships that inspire you, that keep you motivated and put energy back into your life.

Don’t dwell on negativity 

Sometimes it can take as much as having a close friend sit with you during a bad moment, or to answer the phone when you want to talk things through (or talk about anything but!). But at the same time, ideal friendships are the ones that don’t dwell on negativity or focus on your mental illness as something that defines you.

Make time for yourself

Finding time for yourself is hugely important and it’s key to have people around you that help to encourage and support your need for ‘me time’. In turn, being able to provide that for someone else ensures you’re being a good friend in return.

Uplifting music

Now whether you’re with a friend or having some chill time alone, uplifting music is a surefire way to improve your mood and in turn, your positivity. 

This week we’ve had Against The Current on loop:


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